Tax Return Accountant: Who Needs One?


Tax return accountant is something that all businesses regardless of sector or size can benefit from. Some businesses, especially smaller concerns, sole traders and partnerships still believe that it is an added expense that they can do without. However, this is very far from the truth. Small businesses especially, need to utilise the services of the right tax accountant; the results of not doing so can be devastating, should you make a mistake in your tax return. While the main role of a tax accountant is of course preparing your tax return, they also provide a range of invaluable services that can save you and your business time, stress and money.


Why Hire An Expert When It Comes To Tax Return Help?


Hiring tax return specialists to help you with your business taxes and tax returns may at first seem like an unnecessary expense to a small business owner or sole trader. After all, many accounts programs have step by step guides that show you how to fill on your own returns, and calculate your own tax. But there are many advantages to hiring an accountant when you need tax return help. An accountant works on tax returns and tax questions all day. They can complete your tax details quickly and efficiently, with no errors. Doing it yourself it could take much longer and leave you open to any number of mistakes; especially if you are not able to give it your full attention. Not only is your time better spent on your business, but those mistakes could be expensive in terms of fines, or paying more tax than is necessary. Aspects such as tax relief and the expenses that you can legitimately claim for all make a difference to the pound in your pocket. While you may not be up to date on the current rules and regulations your accountant will be, and this knowledge will save your business money.


Contractor Accounts: The Importance Of Keeping Clear Books


You may initially hire an accountant to work on your tax return, but there is more that they can do for you and your business. One of the most important things you need to do as a contractor is keep clear and correct records. And one of the most important records is your financial books. Unless you have the skills of a bookkeeper these are best left to a professional. One of the many skills that a tax return accountant will have at their disposal is bookkeeping. The best contractor accountant UK wide is likely to offer this service as part of their package, such is its importance in getting your tax return right. Bookkeeping involves dealing with accounts payable (what you owe) and accounts receivable (what you are owed). It also includes keeping track of aspects such as payroll, tax and National Insurance payments, pension payments, ongoing credit payments, debts, and client invoices, amongst numerous others. When it comes to contractor accounts, a bookkeeper is an essential element in working out whether a contract is worth the money it is costing you, and whether you are making a profit from it.


Accountants Sussex Can Help With Auditing And Tax Preparation


As well as tax returns and bookkeeping, accountants Sussex can help with the auditing of your company’s accounts. An auditor is often hired by business owners on a periodic basis to go through the accounts carefully and precisely, and to make sure that nothing untoward is happening. An audit may be required for numerous reasons including disclosure, legal questions, compliance or taxation. In larger companies, shareholders can request an audit if they are unhappy with the financial statements they are being presented with. In small companies, it may be one partner requesting the information be checked. While official audits are often carried out by a professional auditor, you can request your Worthing accountants take a good look at your financials and carry out an internal audit. As well as highlighting potential problems, such as money going missing, costs not being recorded or invoices not being issued correctly, such an audit will stand you in good stead prior to tax preparation time. Finding mistakes before your accounts are opened to HMRC is always beneficial. Not finding a mistake, only to have HMRC find it, and believe you to have deliberately hidden the truth could be very costly.


Accountants Chichester: How To Find The Right Accountant For You


When looking for a Chichester accountant there are several things that you should consider. Hiring an accountant can be one of the most important decisions for a company owner, and it is essential to get it right. Qualifications are something that you should look for and ask about when you speak to your potential tax return accountant. On top of qualifications you should check whether they are members of any financial institutions or are regulated by a professional body? This is not a legal requirement, but it can be a good indication that they take their profession, and the businesses they work for, seriously. It also gives you another level of recourse should anything go wrong. An accountant with experience is something else to look for. You may be able to speak to past – or present – clients about how the accountants Chichester work, and you can gauge whether that method of working would help you. Finally, simply getting on well with your accountant can also be a ‘make or break’ deal. You may have to spend some time with them, answering questions and going through your accounts. If you don’t like them, then it is best to look elsewhere. AMG Financial Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants can help with any aspect of taxation.


Make AMG Financial Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants Your Tax Return Accountant Today


For the very best tax return accountant, get in touch with AMG Financial Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants today. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your company’s taxes are completed on time and error-free every time. See more on our website at and discover exactly how we can help you. To speak to our advisers, please contact us on 01243 681097, 07986 347396, or We are proud of our work, and we know we offer you the very best when it comes to accountancy, tax advice, auditing, tax returns, and more.

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