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Accountants In Sutton – Surviving A Tax Investigation

Accountants in Sutton can assist with everything from CIS tax returns and Capital Gains tax, to VAT returns and company accounts. However, when your business is subject to a tax investigation, this is when they really prove their worth. If you are going to be investigating by HMRC, we have some top tips to assist.

The most important thing you can do is get help from the outset. Seek independent financial advice from leading accountants Chichester based who specialise in this field. You need someone that understands how HMRC operates and knows all of the jargon. Next, you should never lie to HMRC, under any circumstance, and make sure that you only discuss your tax affairs with the professional advisers that are assisting you. Preparation is key for tax investigations. Don’t try to evade questions from HMRC with insufficient preparation. You should also make relevant and significant payments against your owed taxes. HMRC will view this as a willingness to co-operate. You may benefit from avoiding a large amount of interest, which will have been accrued from the date the tax should have been paid, and potentially save yourself from larger fines. Aside from this, you should never destroy evidence. HMRC will assume you are trying to hide something if you do not have the appropriate records. Finally, once a settlement has been reached, it is very important not to make the same mistake again.

AMG Financial Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants are the accountants in Sutton you need if you are going to be investigated by HMRC. This is an area that we have an abundance of experience in, so you can be sure we will give you everything you need to get through the investigation. We can also help if you need a tax return accountant. For more information, call 01243 681097 or head to

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