Accountants In Chichester – Not Hiring An Accountant Is A False Economy

Accountants in Chichester are available to assist businesses with all matters relating to tax, including filing their returns, choosing the best VAT scheme, and ensuring all expenses are claimed for. However, many business owners do not want to spend money on an accountant, and elect to handle all this themselves instead.

It is understandable why you may overlook the prospect of hiring a tax return accountant. After all, your business probably has enough expenses as it is, and you certainly do not want to add to them. Nevertheless, if you really delve into the value of hiring an accountant and what they can do for you, you will see that failure to hire an accountant could be a false economy. While you may save money at the outset, you will lose money in the long-term, as you will be overspending on tax. Research that was carried out by YouGov revealed that 20 per cent of small businesses claim under half of the expenses they are entitled to while 10 per cent of small companies claim no expenses at all. These statistics show just how many businesses around the country are not claiming for all the expenses they are entitled to, and consequently, are paying more tax than they need to. This is something that won’t occur if you hire one of the high quality accountants Chichester based. They will ensure your business is operating as tax efficiently as possible – saving you money in the long run.

If you require the services of accountants in Chichester, AMG Financial Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants can assist. We are tax advice specialists, and we offer bespoke advice based on each client we deal with. To find out more about our team and our background, as well as what we can do for you, head to

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