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Horsham Accountants – A Guide To Corporation Tax

Horsham accountants help businesses to ensure that they adhere to all the tax regulations that HMRC has put into place. One type of tax most businesses are liable to pay is Corporation Tax. This is a tax on your profits, which is applicable no matter where in the world these profits were accumulated.

Corporation tax can be confusing, as the amount of tax you pay will depend on the profits you have made. Plus, the rates can change year by year, and you will need to keep on top of any changes HMRC make. This is why a tax return accountant is a must; giving you ultimate peace of mind and ensuring everything is handled above board. With Corporation Tax, the current rate payable at the time of writing for most business owners is 20 per cent. This was enforced in April 2015. Your accountant will be able to give you an accurate picture regarding how much tax you owe. But, before they do this, you will need to register for Corporation Tax if you have not done so. No matter whether you expect to make any profit or not, you must do this, and you need to file a tax return every year. So, how will you and your accountant work together to ensure Corporation Tax is paid? Well, at the end of each financial year, your accountant will determine how much you owe, and you will need to keep this aside until payment is due. It really is that simple when you hire one of the accountants Sussex based to work for you.

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