Local Tax Preparers – Benefits Of Filing Your Tax Return Early

Local tax preparers can help to ensure that your tax return is filled out correctly and submitted on time. Nevertheless, are there many benefits to be gained by filing your tax return earlier than is required? We take a look at this in further detail below.

Let’s begin with the most obvious point of them all, and this is the fact that you will avoid penalties by filing your tax return sooner rather than later. There are numerous fines and penalties implemented by HMRC. For example, if you miss the January 31st deadline on your Self Assessment Return, you will receive an instant £100 fine. If you haven’t filed the return by April 30th, you will then receive a £10 fine every day. You will then get another £300 fine if you have not submitted the return after another 90 days, and, again, another £300 if you have not filed within the year. There can be additional fines and penalties on top of this too. If you file your return quickly, you don’t have to worry about this. If you leave it to the last minute, anything could go wrong, from your tax return accountant becoming sick to your computer breaking. It is also easier to get tax return help the sooner you get started. You won’t believe just how many people are looking for expert accountants coming up to the due date of their tax return. Avoid such competition by securing your accountant early. Finally, you will have more time to save for your tax bill if you submit your Self Assessment early.

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